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How to design a website and what is website design?

Website design, or web design is the presentations of content ( html - hyper text markup language ) that is displayed through a web browser to an end-user by clicking on a link or typing in a domain name in the search bar. Html is simply text that has been web enabled.

A website is culmination of pages of information displayed much like a catalogue or a book. Thus, the webdesign can be found 24 x 7 from virtually any location by users and prospective clients. This is the easiest environment to distribute infomation on services, goods and location.

Webdesign has the potential, to be simple or sophisticated and even complex to support communication and garner interaction from the viewer, in today's fast paced world where infomation is crucial and impatience is rife. Web design can offer elements to distribute infomation by offerring downloadable information through links, leaflets and color brochures.

Website design can incorporate graphic design elements like images, video and animation, to entice the user to be educated and promted to respond. Practicality of web design, will impact the viewer and needs to cater for various types of viewing devices, from cellphones, tablets and computers. In web design the size of the screen, will also impact the response by the viewer.

In web design layout plays an important factor and all we designs need an index of contects for easy navigation. All pages need to load in under 8 seconds, otherwise the potential user will loose interest.

See a few samples below :

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