- What our clients have to say -

The majority of our clients, have been hosted on our network for more than 11 years. We pride ourselves in our reliability and stability. Below is what they have to say about our services.

Greg : I would recommend before any other provider, for reliability, experience and stability. We moved our Dedicated server from a major provider eight years ago. We currently have expanded and have a full 42U Rack. Great bandwidth.

Chris : I manage a multitude of colocated servers, this is the best, stable and reliable network i have found.

Bob : Having colocated our 5 servers for 12 years, we can compliment the service, security, uptime and reliability of the network. We have experienced the closest to 100% uptime for 8 years, an incredible feat.

Matt : Reliable, great security and virtually no downtime in 8 years. Highly recommend. we will be adding another colocated server shortly. Only downtime attributed to the moving of their premises, 5 years ago. Servers were however available within 2 hours.

Mark : We have had 3 Colocated servers on their network for 5 years, yet to find a problem that they cannot solve.

Susan : No words to describe, 10 years being hosted, trouble free. We have now upgraded to one of their dedicated server plans.

Rene : Our website has been hosted here for almost 11 years. We run a very successful ecommerce site that we cannot afford to go down. Its always up and available. September 2006 will be 11 years.

Rickie : Always up and always available for support. We currently have a dedicated server plan, running two years and no downtime yet.

Bill : We host two websites, plus we have our own dedicated mailserver on the network. Allways quick to respond with any support that was required. Sites have an amazing uptime, for the past 6 years.

Jimmy : I had a colocated server, running on the network for 7 years. The network is very stable.

Edgar : Very knowledgable, perfect uptime and a zero tolerance for unsolicited bulk email. You are the best... I cant remember if they have ever had an outage?

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