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Welcome to the support and customer service page. We encourage customers to find the answers online by way of the resources and links we provide below.

All customers should attempt to do some basic troubleshooting before contacting us. This will save time, as we will refer customer's to our basic troubleshooting guide.

If the answer is not found, you may contact us by submitting a Technical Support Request through our online form. We have implemented implementing an automated ticketing system, so we require customers to use our technical support request form for all support needs. This is for security and for tracking purposes, so that we may improve our services to you the client.

We also provide answeres to many questions in our Frequently Asked Questions section, please also take a look. Our help site is also available for infomation, that will assist you.

Please do the following tests before completing the support request :
A test to see if your site resolves from different parts of the Internet. The dnsstuff web site is a good site to test if your registrar is the problem. Use the DNS timing section of this site to verify if your site is resolving. If it does not resolve your domain, your registrar is having problems or your domain is expired. Always check to see if your domain is active, as the domain name registrars do deactivate domains if they are in arrears

For security reasons, all servers do not respond to " PING " tests. This does not mean a server is down or unavailable. This is to protect against ping attacks. Traceroute is a better guide, click here for a traceroute .

Was your credit card declined? or did we not receive payment? We may stop your site while we wait for you to get in touch with us to make payment.

Does your web browser bring up your domain? Always test the domain with and without the "www".
Have you tried another machine? If you have access to one. Call a friend to see if they can reach your site. It would be helpful if you can try a machine accessing through another ISP.

Have you been able to get to the site before? If so, try and reboot your machine to see if that helps.

Are you using the right logon and password, if you are having difficulties logging on?

Our Support hours and response times are as listed below :
We provide, 24 X 7 support through our ticket system for Server and Network related issues.

Telephone support is limited to 9 - 5 monday through Friday, a ticket will still need to be opened, to track the issue. All support tickets are forwarded to technical staff in the order they are received to be handled 24 X 7 X 365

Response times :
PRIORITY : immediate - 10 minutes ( this is a pay / subscription service )
HIGH : 20 minutes - 30 minutes ( current average 7 minutes )
MEDIUM : 45 minutes  - 4 hours
LOW : 4 - 8 hours

All Colocated servers are billed per hour or part thereof by our standard published rates.
Click here to open a trouble ticket

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