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Your website is slow?

Slow sites suck. Server overloaded or badly designed site?

Time to First Byte

This time is made up of the socket connection time, the time taken to send the HTTP request, and the time taken to get the first byte of the page.

Often, a smaller (faster) TTFB size is seen as a benchmark of a well-configured server application.

Speed Index

Since many search engines, including Google, employ a ranking algorithm which is affected by a page’s loading speed, these optimizations can impact a website’s placement in search results

Load Time

the time taken for the full page to render and be visable and usable. Slow loading pages are abandoned before they are loaded.

Speed Index average! 
If your website pages or your server is slow, it will need to be redesigned or optimised as you are loosing ranking. 

Lower ranking means less visitors, as peplo are impatient and dont like to wait.

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