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Email etiquette is important for effective email replies
The importantance of email communications and the effective and efficient response, is paramount to deal professionally with email. Poorly worded email is often responded to in an inefficient or unprofessional manner.

Below is our list of what we consider to be the 20 most important email etiquette rules that apply to nearly all.

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  • Be to the point and answer all questions, and pre-empt further questions
  • Make use of spellchecker. Check grammar & punctuation
  • Answer swiftly and cover the topic
  • Do not write in CAPITALS
  • Don't leave out the message thread, keep thread, start a new for new subject
  • Read the email before you send it
  • Do not forward chain letters and / or forward emails containing offensive remarks.
  • Do not request delivery and read receipts.
  • Don't reply to spam
  • Add a disclaimer to your emails
  • Do not ask to recall a message.
  • Use a meaningful subject
  • Avoid using URGENT and IMPORTANT
  • Avoid long sentences
  • Use the bcc: field when there are multiple recipients
  • Do not attach unnecessary files
  • Do not overuse Reply to All
  • Keep your language gender neutral
  • Use cc: field sparingly

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