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Note to all email marketers and companies providing resources to send usolicited mail.
Mail chimp appears to be a mail service, that allows anybody to spam with their own bad lists, fortunately, if their salient clients can not clean, their lists and they continually hit spam traps, they will be block listed.

( Accounts that have not existed for more than 2 years are spamtraps, we moved this figure from 10 years, recently as we were tired of meaningless mail to non existing users) They should be expected to be blocked. We have been in operation for 19 years.

This may impact legitimate users, but I don't think so, legitimate mailers would clean and update lists, not spam to spam traps. email lists go stale very quickly.

Just remember allowing you to have us receive your mail is a privilege, when you abuse this privilege, expect some one to take away the ability to play with your toys.

Please dont request details of the spamtraps. Get rid of the non optin list and lists that have not been verified in the past 6 months.

We do not play whack-a-mole, and will escalate continued attempts hitting spam traps. We will also block auto generated emails to non existing accounts.

Your co-operation is requested, you get paid, we dont get paid to cleanup the mess, and the use of our resources, for your benefit.

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