Spam Policy 

- zero tolerance -

We have a zero tolerance for SPAM, and do not allow the sending or receiving of any mail that has been generated by UCE.

Mail Support :
Please note with the ever rising deluge of VIRUS generated SPAM from unprotected cable and DSL machines, we have had to impliment the following policy. Our Policy is inline with the way mail is handled throughout the industry.

What the Mailservers Accept or Reject :
1. All mailservers will not accept inbound mail from Dynamic IP adresses.
2. Mail servers will only accept mail from Authorized, correctly configured mailservers with, correct reverse DNS. To ensure your mail gets delivered, please ensure you have a properly Authorized mailserver with the correct DNS entries.
3. Mail from legitimate mailservers from DSL and Cable companies will be accepted.
4. Mail will not be accepted from open relays and IP's of known SPAM spewing networks.
5. Mail that appears in, SpamCop and PBL will not be accepted. it is your prorogative to fix the problem that caused you to appear in the list. We make use of 3 major RBL's and Greylisting to enforce our mail policy.
6. We will whitelist IP's on request from our clients and the admin responsible for the IP class only. i.e we will allow access from blocked IP's on a case by case basis. If your mail has bounced and you feel this is in error, submit a request to be "white listed."
7. We do not accept direct MX from Dynamic IPs at other ISP's. They need to use their ISP's Authorized mailserver.
8. We have designated spamtraps, mail to these spamtraps are considered spam and the IP's are blocked from any further receipt of mail.
9. Mail Sender domains must have a valid website online, otherwise we will not accept mail from them.

Mail Policy update - July 15th 2017
Backscatter email we will handle under the same guidelines as SPAM and will escalate on a continuos basis.

Mail Policy update - June 14th 20147
Junkmail now represents 97% of all mail on the internet. Therefore we no longer play whackamole. If providers cannot keep their spam IP's under control, they will be blocked in class C's segments and larger at a time. We dont have the time or the inclination to work for other providers for free, when they do not know whats happening on their own network. Their users can still contact us via chat or telephone and even email.
Malware infected mail represents 78% of all mail from Asia, so I believe a cleanup and education of their users is needed.
Use the following form to request a delisting, after the problem has been corrected

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