For your convenience we have listed resources that assist in making, hosting and management of a Server or a hosting account easier.

Security and Security links :

Security of Servers and workstations ( PC's ) is of tantamount importance. Placing your self at risk is all well and good, however placing other machines at risk is gross negligence, due to the lax security practiced by many computer and network operators. It is our policy to ensure all operators and Network Admins patch and secure all machines under their control on a regular basis. Any machines that are inadequitely protected or unpatched will be removed from the network and will be patched and the client/admin will be billed for this.

Please find a list of links that provide the latest news on Security issues pertaining to the OS you are running. Security is an ongoing process and there is no one "PILL" that fixes all. Please use these links as they may just save you aggravation, time and money. Please note downtime for patching is less than downtime for being hacked or exploited by a Worm or a Trojan. Not to mention the publicity and the impact it may have on your Product or Service.

Frequency of Checking


Security Administrator Recommend at least twice weekly


Informant Windows news site - weekly


Cert Daily checking, well worth it


Windows security Recommend visiting


Port List List of Ports that are frequently scanned and their exploit names


The following links are as importantso check your workstation and ensure your programs are properly secured / patched.



Software links :