wwbcity.com - Procedures

In the interests of security, safety and efficiency, Your equipment can only be received, and visitors admitted, in strict compliance with these procedures.

We retain the unrestricted and absolute right to amend these procedures at any time. To avoid confusion and misunderstandings it is recommended that You review these procedures each time You propose to visit the data center or have Your equipment delivered to Us.

Authorized and approved Visitors will be received, with proper notification, 24-hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year. We retain the right to disallow Authorized and approved Visitors at any time.

You must provide to Us in advance a list of individuals authorized to have access to Your equipment and rack space. This can and should be amended by You any time there is a change in Your list. Access will be denied or granted in conformity with Your list and authorized visitors will be required to provide both Your pass-code and a reliable photo identification to be granted access.

We must be notified in advance of all deliveries and visits planned to Our facility. If an unexpected delivery arrives it will be assumed to be unauthorized or insecure and must be sent back to the sender. Similarly, unscheduled visitors will be refused entry.

These pre-delivery and planned visit notification requests should be sent to wwbcity.com, and include with all of the following information:

  • Sendor/Visitor Name & Address
  • Requested Date and Time for visit (visit times will be coordinated to avoid a wait)
  • Customer's Name & Address (if different than sender/visitor)
  • Customer Number
  • Description and Number of Items being Delivered or Brought if Any
  • Delivery Method (FedEx, UPS, ...)


Once reviewed and approved by Us, We will reply to You and acknowledge that we have approved and are expecting the delivery or visitor.

When Your delivery arrives, We will place an identifying label on the box(es). We will notify you of the delivery. We are not responsible for opening the packages or conducting an inventory of their contents. If there is obvious damage to the box(es) this will be noted in Our ticketing system and You will be responsible for following up with the shipper.

New OEM manufactured equipment, shipped directly from the seller in unopened cartons, will generally not be inspected. However, for the security of our customers and employees, Our representative will inspect, including opening the case(s), all custom built or used equipment which is proposed for installation. Any equipment which appears to be unsafe or otherwise a danger to the data center or to other network users may be refused at Our sole discretion.

Approved Visitors, with their approved equipment, will then be escorted to the data center. Our representative will stay with Your authorized Visitor the whole time they are on the premises and Your authorized Visitor will also be under constant camera surveillance. Please be sure they are made aware of this in advance to avoid any discomfort or privacy issues.

Billing Procedures

All new accounts will be normalized to the first day of the subsequent month.

All billing is on a month to month cycle. You can choose to sign an annual contract but You will still be billed on a month to month cycle. If You do commit to an annual contract Your monthly fees will be lower.

Discounts/Specials: There are no default discounts or specials for wwbcity services.wwbcity.com   Web hosting specials do NOT apply to wwbcity.com colocation services. The only discounts You will receive will be for committing to an annual contract rather then going month to month without a contract.

Pricing for wwbcity.com services as of Jan 1, 2010, is as follows:

Space : 1U space @ $35 per 1U

Power : Electricity ( Power  ) per 1U @ $20 pm

Bandwidth :

  • Bandwidth @ $95 per Meg for first 5Meg
  • Bandwidth @ $85 per Meg for first 10Meg
  • Bandwidth @ $75 per Meg for first 20Meg
  • Bandwidth @ $65 per Meg for first 30Meg


Payments: All payments are to be made on a month to month basis. Invoices will be issued on the 20th business day of every month for the subsequent month's service. All payments will be net 30 days.

Overdue Payments: All payments will be net 30 days. If payment is not received by the due date, the balance will be forwarded to the next invoice, which will be sent on the 20th business day of the subsequent month. In this situation Your account will remain open and services will continue.

If no payment is received by the due date of the subsequent months invoice, Your service will be temporarily disabled and Your equipment will be secured. You will be re-sent Your invoice along with a notice stating that Your payment is more than 30 days overdue and You must make a payment now to have Your service reinstated.

Credit Card and/or Debit Card Payment: We will process Your credit charges the day the invoice is issued. By signing up for this service, and providing credit card information, You are authorizing us to process charges through this account and further agree that this authorization will remain valid for 60 days after You terminate this authorization in writing. This is to make it unnecessary for Us to require a security deposit. We may immediately terminate Your account, at Our sole discretion, for declined credit cards, debit cards or any other non-payment of account charges.

Payment by Check: Your payments by check must be received ten days before the 30 day due date so the checks may clear. Wire transfer, certified or bank checks, must be received three days before the due date. You consent to an additional charge of $35 for all NSF or otherwise refused checks or credit card refusals. This is to help offset Our internal accounting expenses relating to such payment failures and You agree this is a fair compensation to Us for the added administrative costs We will incur.

As a wwbcity.com colocation services customer You agree to the following limitations on your use of the wwbcity.com, network and facility:

You will engage only in lawful activities;. A. You will not transmit, forward, resend or otherwise use the Network for unsolicited or prohibited advertising or other content through electronic mail, instant messaging, voice over IP, and/or inappropriate Usenet postings, all commonly referred to as "SPAM".

You will not engage in any activity, nor permit others to use Your equipment, to engage in actions that will limit, prevent, or interfere with the rights or lawful access of any other user of the Internet, or any computer system accessible through the Internet.

You will not engage in any activity, nor permit others to use Your equipment, to engage in actions that will result in the unauthorized access to the computers, data, or networks of others.

You will only use licensed software or software to which You have exclusive or otherwise lawful rights.

Your equipment and components must be of reasonable quality and assembled, configured, and wired appropriately to assure it can be operated safely. Any equipment deemed by Us, in Our sole discretion, to be inadequate or unsafe will be removed from Our network.

Complaints regarding potential abuse of the network should be directed to abuse @ wwbcity.com