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Server Management comes in two flavors, Managed and unManaged each having their own benefits and disadvantages. An unManaged Server will benefit a skilled and experienced IT person. For small companies that require a Dedicated Server, we recommend our Managed Server Solutions

Managed Dedicated Server Security :

Security can mean virtually anything, depending on who's hosting your servers. Security could mean that your server is just sitting in a concrete building with access control or it could mean that your servers are sitting behind a firewall. Security starts with protecting the integrity of your data and against service interruptions. 

Storage and Backup Management :

You tell us Your Needs and we can then provide the expertise and the right managed solution. Backup and storage is often the weak link. Being one of the most important aspect of Recovery from any incident, it definately requires hands on management. 

Unmanaged Dedicated Servers :

No one knows your business better than you. With our unmanaged dedicated servers, you are in control of the services you run and you are responsible for your security, your backups, patches, upgrades, installations and re-installations, monitoring etc.

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