Seo = Search Engine Optimization    

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Search Engine Optimization 

Having a website is not enough, a website needs to be optimized and presented in such a way, to allow for any or all of the following : 

    Fast Loading 

    Easy to Navigate

    Good content

    Correctly Layed out

    Optimal use of keywords

    Onsite Optimization

The prime aim of a website is to generate traffic to its Products and Services. This can be accomplished in a number of ways : 

    Advertising / PPC 

    Organic Search Engine optimization

    Social Networking / Social Bookmarking

    Link Building

    Submitting to Search Directories and Engines

Before any SEO is undertaken, its wise to establish a baseline of the current positioning and keywords. This allows for a planned approach in improving positions of keywords in Search Directories. Most importantl,y is to determine that the correct keywords are used. This starting analysis will allow you to formulate a Seo plan to best suite your product or service. 

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