Website Migration-Move

Please complete the form so we can do the migration. Move your web site to and we will take care of moving all your web site content, quickly and without any downtime! Please include any other information you think we might need to know: This includes : Providing us with your existing web host login details. We setup your account on our servers and move your web site content over while your web site remains active with your previous web host. You will be asked to verify and confirm that your web site is working fine on our servers. We will provide you with a temporary web site address in order to preview your web site prior to the migration. We modify your domain name nameservers through the registrar you are registered with ( you can do this yourself as well if you do not want to provide us with your registrar login details ). You should wait 48 hours to ensure the nameserver change has propagated and then cancel your account with your previous web host.

Does your current web host provide you with SSH access

Do you have a current backup

Does your web site use any databases

Is your account currently spended by the current web host

Does your current web host provide you with FTP access