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Firewall settings
Login through your Server Management Control Panel at your domain:10000

Use your root login and password

Then click webmin link in top left corner

On left, scroll down to Networking
Click networking

Click linux Firewall
The complete firewall listings will appear on the right hand side.

All the firewall rules are displayed on the right

There are 4 main Columns, please note firewall work on a hirarchy - from top to bottom. By clicking on a row link, you can add a new rule or change a rule

By clicking on the red link, you can edit a firewall rule

By clicking on the up arrow / down arrow link,  you can move a firewall rule

By clicking on you can insert a firewall rule above or below

Or the Add Rule at the bottom, but then you will need to rule the rule up, to where it should go

When you click to add a new rule, you will get the following :

Select only if you want to Accept or Drop, dont select anything else unless you know what you are doing

Then there are only three areas you need to bother with, as marked in red

Now you need to create the rule by clicking the button as you can see above on the left

Then you will be taken back to the beggining, then you need to scroll down and apply Configuration as seen below

Rules only become active if the are applied ( only use apply, dont change the other actions if you dont know what you are doing )

click Apply Configuration

Now your firewall rule has been created and should be active.

***** Please Note that any new rule for an IP allow, should be the 4th or 5th rules from the top, as the first rules in green notation are there so ensure they can allways get in, even if you lock yourself out, otherwise a technician will need to be dispached to manually reset access from the front of the server. There is a cost involved, to dispatch a tech to manually fix your firewall. Your root login in password will be required, before they are dispatched.

***All green rules are allow and red rules are deny

View any of the existing rules as an examples