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Technical Terminology can be a daunting task, to remember or even understand the terms. This section is to provide a better insight to the terms we use in the description of our products and services.

Disk space will be the total allowed space you will get on a hosting plan. All your files, web site, emails and other related information will store into your own account and will calculate as total used disk space. This includes :

  • Web files and all uploaded files 
  • Mail boxes including inboxes, trash boxes, custom created boxes, attachments, etc.
  • Statistical information which will be stored in /tmp folders of the account and is use to create usage information for statistic software including Webalizer, Analog and AWStats
  • Mailing lists including lists information, subscribed users and archives
  • Databases including MySQL and PostgreSQL data
  • Password information of password protected folders

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Note: Having enough free disk space is extremely important, If your account goes over disk quota many services will not work correctly or stop working, these will include:

  Mail system, You will not be able to send and receive any email
  CGI and PHP scripts that use databases or want to modify or create some sort of files.
  Databases could corrupt

Therefore we recommend you ensure you keep enough free disk space at all times.
After logging into your Control Panel, click Virtual Server Details on the left, then you will be presented with infomation on the following on the right side of the page :
   Virtual server details
   Quotas and limits
   Enabled features

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