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How can you offer Dedicated Servers at such low Prices? 

We are able to maintain cheaper pricing on dedicated servers by owning and operating our own colocation and dedicated network facility space, buying premium bandwidth, and having our own local, experienced staff of 20+ years, for maintenance and support 

What are the most common uses of a Dedicated server? 

Hosting Servers, ECommerce Servers, Email Servers, Data Backup Servers, Photo/Image Servers, Gaming Servers, Monitoring Servers, or as failover server for an existing network. 

What versions of Linux do you offer? 

CentOS, Red Hat, Fedora primarily. Other Operating systems are available on request. 

What Control Panels do you offer? 

Control panel options are WebMin, inclusive of Virtualmin and Usermin. Other Control panels on request. 

What forms of payment do you accept? 

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and EFT, check and money order. However check and money order may result in slower activation times. 

Can I change the specifications of the server? 

Hardware changes can be made at any time to any of our servers. Changes may however affect your setup and monthly recurring charges. 

Where will my server be housed? 

Your server will be housed in a concrete block colocation facility with redundant dual local power feeds, Generator and UPS power backup, fire suppression system, Climate control Air Handlers. The facility is protected by multi stage access control points, as well as video, and security personnel. Close to the proximity of a major peering point.

Is a Dedicated right for me? 

Dedicated servers are designed to be 'Self Managed' computers. We can offer all of the support a customer wishes, however a Dedicated is ideally suited for those users who like to manage their own servers, server resouces, and primarily Server security. We do however offer management options available under our Managed Server Services. 

Is there telephone support? 

Support is offered via a user friendly ticket support system. We also offer Voice Support packages for an additional fee. 

What type of connection will I have? 

All Dedicated Server customers are connected via their own 10/100Mbps port, cross connected to our managed switches which have redundant Cisco connections to dual Gigabit redundant level 1 connectivity. 

Who will Manage the server? 

This is your own dedicated server. You do and will have complete root capable access control over the server, unless you opted for a managed server. You will still however, have to abide by our Acceptable use Policy and Terms and Conditions.You are free to load any applications you wish as long as they are not in violation of our AUP and Terms and Conditions. 

What is your Acceptable Use Policy? 

Click here to view our Acceptable Use Policy and here for our Terms and Conditions. 

What if I want to upgrade or downgrade my server plan? 

Customers can upgrade or downgrade to any server plan at any time with no additional fees. This may affect your monthly billing and features you may have chosen. 

Can you waive the setup fees, or give a discount if we pre-pay? 

Yes! All packages offer free setup when you prepay your account for 3 months! Just choose quarterly billing when checking out to receive the discount. 

What is the definition of a reboot? 

When we mention a reboot we are referring to instances when we have to physically reboot your server or services running on the server. You are free to reboot your server services remotely by yourself at any time, at no charge. This is one of the many benefits to having your own dedicated vps server. 

What is the definition of a System Restore? 

A system restore is when we have to restore your server to the same state that it was in when you first received your start up email. This is usually only happens when you experience serious damage to your OS. 

Do you allow resellers? 

Yes, quite a few of our larger customers are hosting companies who are reselling space on our servers and their dedicated and colocated servers as shared hosting to their clients. We encourage the resales of our servers. 

How many IP addresses can I have? 

Strict recording of IP addresses is required. You are free to request as many addresses as you wish, as long as they are being used. There is a one time processing charge for each IP address as well as a monthly charge. 

 Website Webmaster Service Plans FAQs  

What do you Do? 

The Website Webmaster Service offers maintenance and website updates for your small business web site. If you already have a website for your business, we take care of updating content to assist meeting your business goals.

Select one of our fixed monthly rate plans, and submit the Update Requests. Your site will be updated accordingly, with a minimum amount of hassle and expense. Allowing us to manage your webmaster services provides a significant savings over in house or project based work 

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