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Email rules in a nutshell

our email, our rules

Unsolicited Email

Its simple, we choose what we want to recieve We will not accept what you want to dump in our accounts. Based on what we receive 99% of all email is JUNK.

Infected Spamming machines

If you cannot install anti-virus or Malware protection and prevent your machine from sending, expect to have your IP class rejected from us accepting mail. If this happens repeatedly, its abuse, we will block your ISP's range from us, and will not accept mail from that class.

We track email Sender IP

We track and validate every email that sends mail to us. If you abuse the priveledge of sending us email, we will drop your sender ip in the FIREWALL. If this continues, we will drop all your ISP's IP's in the FIREWALL. We are not here to constantly filter email because you dont do due diligence, or if your ISP has a, "cant give a shit approach."

Submitted to fake emails

This the fast way to go into the firewall, we are no longer playing WHACK A MOLE. We will drop you in the firewall automatically.

Valid Senders

Ensure your configuarations for your email smtp is correct. Ensure you have a valid reverse and your email smtp IP has delegation and is legitamately allowd to send mail. Dont attempt to circumvent, as we will REJECT and BLOCK

Dont waste our time

We wont waste yours, so use your Intelligence, not a bot. After 25 years we do not have patience to deal with stupidity, negligence or abuse.

3 strikes RULE

You have 3 strikes in trying our patience.

eMail Marketing

No such thing. Sending bloated eMails is a crime against humanity and waste of time, bandwidth and places undue costs on the reclpient. Use a link to your product or service, I have the choice, not you, on what I want to see. eMail stands for electronic mail, not a way to dump your catalog into my mailbox.