Dedicated server plans plans come with the option to pay monthly, or longer terms. Now you get a real Dedicated Quad core server .  You can order now and be up and running in a few hours. For more choices of Dual and Quad core dedicated servers.

Quad Core Dedicated Server
Features What you get? Quadcore
Disk Space

The space used to store Html files, pages, graphics, audio / video, e-mail messages, and any other files that are part of your Web site.

500 Gig HD X 2
Opteron 4 X 2 / 2.2

500 Gig HD X 2
Opteron 4 x 2.4 / 2.6

Bandwidth pm

Bandwidth refers to the combined amount of files that can be transferred to and from your Web site each month.

3500 Gig
5000 Gig
E-mail Accounts

E-mail accounts are mailboxes for you and anyone else whom you want to give e-mail at your domain name.

unlimited unlimited
FTP Accounts

The way to upload and download files. With Anonymous FTP requires a dedicated IP address.

unlimited unlimited
SSH Account

Secure Shell (SSH), is a protocol for securely getting access to a remote computer. For uploading or management.

unlimited unlimited
Web sites

This is the default Web site limit for your dedicated server account.

unlimited unlimited
Dedicated IP

One IP address is assigned to several domains and access to a domain is availableonly by its domain name. Your Web site can have a unique and dedicated IP address. It is required for Anonymous FTP, private SSL certificates and certain applications.

4 4
E-Commerce Ready

ecommerce Capable

SSL Certificate SSL needs a static IP
Yes Yes
Domain Management

With a Dedicated Server you have the ability to host multiple Web sites within your account.

Yes Yes

This includes 4 GIG of Server Backup.

Control Panel

All web hosting accounta are managed with an online control panel (Site Manager). It allows setup and administration of e-mail / FTP user accountsm real-time statistics, web applications, and gives control over your web server, e-mail server, and ftp server settings.

Yes Yes
Web site Creator

Our Web site Creator allows you to create a professional looking presence online using only a web browser

optional Optional
Webmail Secure webmail Yes Yes
Spam Filtering White listing / spamassasin Yes Yes
Cron Jobs Yes Yes
Error Messages

Able to display a response of your choice as an alternative to conventional error messages such as: "404 Not Found". You can choose to display either a custom text message or a select web page.

Yes Yes

AWStats is a powerful, feature-rich statistical tool that generates advanced reports on visitor traffic and web server statistics

Yes Yes

You have complete control over your CGI-BIN and can install CGI scripts that you would like.

Yes Yes

Perl is a server-side scripting language commonly used to write CGI programs.

Yes Yes

PHP is a server-side scripting language where the PHP commands are embedded in the webpage's HTML. Many web applications require PHP

Yes Yes
Server Side Includes

Server Side Includes is a server-side scripting language. Common uses of SSI are to include or populate common areas of your Web site

Yes Yes
MySql Yes
Unlimited shall be deemed to mean "limited only by the hardware" chosen.
Billing Cycle Prices QUAD CORE QUAD CORE+

2 Years - 24 months
$169.95/mo* $279.95/mo*
Annually - 12 months $179.95/mo* $289.95/mo*
Quarterly - 3 months
$185.95/mo* $295.95/mo*
Monthly $189.95/mo* $299.95/mo*