Content scapers, are an abusive method of acquiring / stealing data and resources. This will not be tolerated. We do however allow genuine Search Engines to index content that we have demarked, that we want indexed.

The Prime Culprits are :

  1. Extractor programs stealing content for their websites.
  2. Seo eggspurts, looking to impact rankings of web pages - biggest abusers.
  3. Image thieves, who try to hotlink images and ineffect steal bandwidth

We will protect our resources by any means that we deam fit.

  1. We apply RULE 1. Servers dont browse servers.
  2. Genuine Spiders obey robots.txt
  3. Its our choice to offer access for indexing by and to Geniune / Qualified sources of our choosing.
  4. Its not your right to index / scrape resources that dont belong to you. We give permission to view our resources ( web pages ) through browsers, however we dont allow scrapers to extract and save our pages.
  5. eMail scrapers will be blocked instantly.
  6. Seo Scrapers will be blocked by User Agent, failing to respect our wishes, they will be blocked by IP class. We will escalate the blocking of abusers.

 Ask for permission, dont steal as it will bite you, sooner or later, when you least expect it.